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This is the RP journal for Colonel Jade Curtiss from Tales of the Abyss. He has been played at [community profile] luceti from March 2013 to 2015, and he is now being played at [community profile] cerealia.


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Mar. 9th, 2030 08:28 pm
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Anything to say about the colonel? Let's hear it.
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For any meetings with Jade that go outside of given posts and logs! Please specify the date and format (Action/Video/Voice/etc).
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"You've reached the number of Colonel Jade Curtiss. I appear to be preoccupied at the moment. Please leave a message and I may get back to you soon."

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[Earlier in the month, Jade Curtiss has started to travel outside of the barrier, in order to gain a better sense of the state of the outside world. It was a risky expedition, but he felt that it had to be done in order to look out for any unforeseen threats. And to make sure that this whole situation truly was real. Whatever Jade might have learned on his journey is unknown for the time being. Because when he finally returns to the enclosure, on the day of the Malnosso announcement, he's afflicted by a Natural Shift which impairs his memories.

Well, not just his memories. Jade Curtiss returns to Luceti as Jade Balfour, a 12 year old fonic prodigy. This Shift has left him without any of his adult memories, although it has curiously left him retaining a memory of the basics of life in Luceti. It might be easy to recognize the similarities to his adult self. However, for the most part he is humorless and uncaring about others, and he hasn't yet taken to wearing glasses.

Jade doesn't alert anyone of his return; he can't even remember for sure what people from his world are here anyway. But he can be found at a variety of places throughout the village. At the library, he compiles a series of various books to research. He's very curious about the types of abilities found in other worlds. Perhaps that could help him in his latest thoughts, which involve trying to find a way to channel the Seventh Fonon. He spends a lot of time in the Battle Dome as well, where he uses his fonic artes, already more advanced then they should be in his age, in a number of simulations. Mostly, the simulations are set in snowy environments that are like his home world, and this involves him facing a number of deadly beasts that may or may not be outside of his range. He has to practice, he knows that he can't rely on the Professor to pull him out of danger forever.

Otherwise, he can be found exploring the general area, trudging through the snow - the environment being a small reminder of his home. Maybe he'll make some snowballs, for the express purpose of target practice on random passersby...]


[Later, he uses the journal system to try to contact the masses. He'll just leave out little things like who he is and the facts relating to his lack of memory. He actually hasn't seen the new Malnosso post either.]

I'm wondering what types of artes you practice in your own world. Perhaps you know it as 'magic' or some other specialized term. Which abilities are common and easy for one to learn, and which are exceptionally difficult or rare?

[ooc: Replies will come from [personal profile] jadedpast!]
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[Action: House 1]

[The first notable event of the morning is Jade's morning cup of tea falling to the floor with a shatter. He's sitting at the dining room table and looking on with an expression that looks equal parts disturbed and befuddled. The reason? A certain woman seems to be walking through the house, reacting as if being greeted by others. Yet never looking directly at Jade...

Jade spends some time afterwards investigating the house, until the second phenomenon occurs: the appearance of an unusual man at the house's piano, and he seems to be playing it...]


[At some point later in the day, the colonel takes to the journals and makes note of the similar observations that two others have made. It's time to organize these thoughts... He sends out a voice transmission.]

This is Colonel Jade Curtiss. I'm speaking regarding a recent phenomenon in this village. Most likely, it's another shift at play. But I'd like to hear about others' observations to ensure that we reach a proper conclusion.

Have any of you happened to spot unusual figures around Luceti? They're nusual in the way that they do not seem to notice your existence at all, and they in fact seem to fade away after several moments. It will be especially noticeable if they are people you know and who are no longer present in the enclosure. For example, have any of you managed to spot this silver-haired woman anywhere? [Enclosed is a depiction of the woman shown above.]

If any of you have managed to get these apparitions to communicate with you in any way, by all means, feel free to share with the rest of the class.

[Action: Open]

[Jade can be found at a number of places throughout Luceti, where seeks out the silver-haired woman. The locations that he investigates include the school, the library, the bakery, the item shop and the abandoned House 27. One can find him when he's in the process of seemingly investigating the area, or in the midst of a ghost sighting...]
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Introspection and Action for House 1/47 )


[Sometime after the chaos dies down, Jade takes to addressing the journals with just a very dry tone.]

Greetings, people of Luceti. This is Colonel Jade Curtiss of Malkuth, here to provide some updates regarding my condition. First of all, it seems that today has arbitrarily been chosen to serve as my 'birthday' in this world's calender. You see, my own the yearly cycle in my own world is over twice as long as this one observed here, so narrowing down my birthday would be a terribly troublesome affair. [And one he doesn't care for; he doesn't care for birthdays in general beyond keeping a record of his increasing age for the purpose of his old man jokes.]

If one could see my given age, one would assume that I'm currently turning 36, but that would be inaccurate. After all, if we're placing our birthdays in this shortened calender, we should adjust our ages to match. For instance, under the 365-day calender, I am now turning 71 years old. As you can see, I'm aging quite gracefully. Feel free to apply the calculations to anyone else you may know from Auldrant. Guy will actually be in his 40s, Natalia in her 30s... My, aren't we all growing up quickly?

In closing, I suppose that I should wish myself a happy birthday. And to the rest of you, I do wish you an experience worthy of this so-called April Fools Day.
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[Jade Curtiss spends as much of the weekend as he can studying this new phenomenon. An influx of newcomers, none of them with wings... He does his best to record notes on them. And he manages to catch onto the fact that there seem to be multiples of the same person in some cases. This gives him all the more reason to avoid a most undesirable outcome.

Halfway through the first day, Jade decides to erect a sign outside of House One. One which is adorned with a photo.]

Warning! Any human beings or humanoid species resembling this gaudy description are to stay at least a hundred feet away from these premises. Violators will be met with swift and efficient retribution.

Enjoy your stay~!

[And he ties a rappig outside to further ward off any Distractions. But when Jade isn't cooped up in house, he can be found observing people throughout the village, or studying in te library, or perhaps just relaxing at the tea shop.]
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[Jade has kept to himself for most of the month. His latest research topic? Fears. He's had a particularly humiliating and familiar case of gynophobia for almost a month now. Considering the fears that others around him seem to be afflicted with, it was no leap to guess that this was an experiment at work. But it hadn't worn off for him, arousing suspicion. During this time, rather than reflect upon the quiet departure of Luke fon Fabre, Jade has been focusing his research into finding some kind of solution. He is determined to find a way to overcome this fear through his own means - and if he has to help others to get there, then so be it.]


[Jade addresses them casually, leaning over his desk with his fingers steepled together.]

People of Luceti? This is Colonel Jade Curtiss. I have a particular subject that I'd like to bring to your attention. It's come to my attention that a portion of the populace has spontaneously developed phobias without any known origin within the last month. The most likely conclusion would of course be a particularly subtle Malnosso shift. However, if that is so, then this has certainly persisted longer than the usual experiment. It's something that should be dealt with swiftly; currently, it is little more than a hindrance. But in an emergency, reactions to such fears could mean the difference between life and death.

I am trying to work on my own solution to this problem. After all, unlike most problems that result from shifts, phobias are relatively treatable. I'd like to meet with anyone who has exhibited any of these odd fears, even if those fears have somehow left you. I'm well aware that a particularly unpleasant reputation may precede me, but I assure you that I have some practice in matters related to psychotherapy. At the least, I like to believe that I'm more trustworthy than the child whom the Malnosso have in stock. Simply file an appointment into the journal for any time in the week, and I'll speak with you within my workshop in House One.


[Jade will wait in the workshop attached to his room in the second floor of House One for any "patients". Otherwise, throughout the week he can be found frequenting the tea house or the library. He does look up research from other worlds related to the nature of fear.]

[ooc: Also an ooc note! As part of his research, Jade may have tried kind of stalking fellow residents. If you can, note in your comments things that Jade could have observed either by watching in person or through public journal conversations, particularly related to the characters having developed fears. Thanks!]
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Introspection )

He spends his time staggering throughout Luceti, where earlier that day there was a whole city and automobiles. As he does so, his red eyes are all the more glaringly obvious sans his glasses. He trudges his way all the way up to Community House 1 - to lock himself in his workshop, and his research. He only lingers outside of Community House 7 - he knows already that Rapunzel lives her. This place had made them family once before after all, but that time was much more bizarre and vaguely remembered. He hesitates, wondering whether or not he should pay a visit. Either way, he eventually makes his way to his workshop in House 1 and is back to his research. He has to piece together exactly what happened. Now that his memory is back, he remembers that first night - the lights on the barrier. To think... they'd truly been invaded.]


[Eventually, he takes out his journal. And mechanically bangs a few pans together into it. Maybe that should snap the fellow inhabitants back into attention. This matter was something that absolutely had to be discussed, after all.]

Rise and shine, everyone. Let's not dawdle on this. I understand that at the moment, most of you must be dealing with something that feels akin to a hangover of a cosmic scale. However, we are all very due for a debriefing. Or, in more layman's terms: let's review what in the blazes just happened.

[ooc: You can consider this a placeholder post of sorts. Feel free to wait until more event stuff plays out before tagging in if that will help - and similarly some of Jade's tags here may be on hold while more of his own event stuff actually plays out.]
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[Jade spends some of the day holed up in "his" workshop. Formerly Dist's, but since remodeled to match its new owner, as Jade does his best to ignore whatever positive influence Dist's previous presence in this world was implied to have. Instead, he finds himself spending the better part of his afternoon researching previous journal entries to collect as much information as possible. It's better than trying to deal with the fact that Anise has apparently been kidnapped the other day.

Cut for Nebilim angst )

Jade eventually resurfaces from the workshop and may stop to talk with any of the house-mates who are around on his way out of the house. Donning an umbrella, he makes a few more stops around town for the remainder of the day. He goes to the Battle Dome, where he does some training in simulations of environments similar to the icy Mt. Roneal, and he unleashes some of his most devastating fonic artes in this practice. Perhaps more venting than training.

And sometime that evening, he makes his way to the memory garden, as discreetly as he can manage. He's only there for the sake of curiosity. He wonders if anyone arranged anything for the Gelda who was here. If he does not find anything, he will instead find an empty space to stand still in contemplation for some minutes, before turning to take the dark trek home.]


[When he chooses to address the journals, he's back at the workshop, his fingers steepled before him as he looks into the video feed. He goes in a voice that has some cheeriness mixed with sarcasm, and occasionally bitterness.]

I suppose I might as well make an address over these journals at this point. As loath as I am to actually use this unwieldy device, it's been far too boring around here. [He won't bring up his actual first entry, since he was all anon for it.] Some of you here may know me, and please keep in mind regarding anything you think you may have learned about me during one of my previous "stays" here, that I am a notorious liar. My name is Colonel Jade Curtiss, and it's been several months since my arrival here. Certainly long enough to get an idea of the Malnosso's capabilities. But please note that no matter what oddness their experiments would have you believe, I actually have no children. [And considering that he apparently looked oddly unlike himself during that week, he thinks it should be easy to pretend that was not he himself doing those odd things - being part of some family. The more distance he could create from those fake memories, the better.

Jade reaches up to adjust his glasses.]

Mm, am I missing something? Ah, yes. I believe that to truly complete an entry in this journal, I'm required to ask some manner of pointless question. Very well, I suppose I might as well go all the way while I'm making this message. So tell me, random citizens of Luceti. What is the most outlandish dream that you've ever had?
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[Written, Anonymous]

[The following anonymous message appears around noon on Sunday. It could be familiar to anyone who's seen it before.]

Excuse me, people of Luceti. I am new here, and I would simply like to make a few requests in order to better ascertain this situaion. First of all, I'd like to request that the following people report to the local schoolhouse's second floor office immediately for questioning:

-Fon Master Ion
-Nephry Osborne (née Balfour)
-Anise Tatlin
-Mystearica Aura Fende
-Asch, son of Susanne
-Arietta the Wild

-Also, Luke fon Fabre.

[He intentionally uses a personal touch in some names for several reasons. One is to hint at what he knows about them, which gives incentive for them to come meet with him without knowing for sure who he is. Anger is also a useful incentive, which is why at least one name is written a certain way - not to mention how anger can make someone slip up. And of course, Jade has to see if these people truly answer to such names - if they really have the memories of those he knew back in Auldrant.]

If there is anyone else here hailing from Auldrant whose name is not on that list, I invite them to be questioned as well. Secondly, any authors of this so-called Guide whom still reside within the enclosure are also to come talk to me. I would be glad to speak with anyone who has any other unique information at all.

Finally, I believe there that one of the clothing shop should currently have in its stock a standard grade uniform of the Malkuth imperial forces. If he is currently within Luceti, Gailardia Galan Gardios is to retrieve it and then report in for questioning. Otherwise, this duty shall fall to Luke fon Fabre.

That will be all.


[It's been several hours since Jade woke up in this seemingly unoccupied office, which possibly contained some samples of pottery which had a disturbing familiarity to them. Jade had no problem working alone and in this state of undress to figure it out where he was - occasionally examining the hallway and nearby rooms to confirm that he was in some kind of schoolhouse. Even his glasses were gone, but Jade felt no major concern for the time being. He realized after reading the Guide that it could be effect of the supposed power cap reducing his need for the glasses. It just helps him feel more confident on his decision of spending the rest of the day in that room, awaiting those who come to see him, while making some paperwork already from loose sheets of paper.

During these hours before making the anonymous message, he had studying the contents of the journal, reading back through the last few months to gather as much information as possible - and studying the Guide as well. He liked to think that he was taking it calmly and rationally. But he has to confirm things firsthand. The images he saw in that book included those whom he was sure were dead. Until he talks to them himself, he can't dismiss the possibility of being suddenly trapped in a replica world, no matter how final Van's defeat seemed to be. So Jade sat at a desk with his fingers steepled, awaiting the first interviewee, his red eyes more glaringly standing out with his lack of glasses.

One could also catch him that evening in full uniform, browsing the item shop for those glasses once all his interrogations are said and done.]


Mar. 9th, 2000 08:21 pm
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So basically! My apologies for Jade, but he's something of a horrible know-it-all and does everything he can to stay ahead of others in terms of knowing things. So to try to catch up on being in a world he knows nothing about surrounded by people from foreign worlds, he'll be doing all the reading he can - both in terms of backreading from the journal and from reading in the library.

This post is pretty much for "what dirt would you like Jade to know about your character/what concepts would you be okay with him already being familiar with from your world when he first meets you"? Or of course you could opt out and have characters be among those whose entries he wound up skipping over/whose world's books he hasn't reached yet in the library.

So pretty much... this is giving Jade knowledge-ammo to whip out on your characters when he needs to troll - but also pretty much to help him shape his first opinions of others since he's all about logic. There is also a miscellaneous field for physical observations he could draw about your characters; this can also be used to record any notable differences in his canonmates (although this section could of course also be covered through tags).


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